• Bio

    Film & Television Editor, Director, and Producer of twenty years' experience, specialising in documentaries, comedy, drama, and corporate.


    My work has aired on all the BBCs, most of the ITVs, all the 4s, Five, Discovery, Canal+, DR1, and more...



  • Awards & Nominations

    Royal Television Society Award Nominee

    for IM

    (Producer, Co-Writer, Editor)

    Grierson Award, Short Documentary

    for SheToon: City of Bingo

    (Producer, Editor)

    Finalist, BBC New Animator award

    for Get Bizzy

    (Producer, Co-Writer)

    Best Documentary at Interfilm Berlin

    for The Red Army


    Best Film & Audience Award

    for Coffin Up


  • Credits

    ITV Border Life

    Border Life

    Editor - Magazine Programme

    ITV Border

    "Fiona Armstrong presents Border Life, about the people, places and stories in southern Scotland."


    Last year, I worked on the foraging story in Episode 28 and the Wigtown piece in Episode 29, edited the dyslexia and millinery stories for Episode 30, quite a lot of Episode 35, all of Episode 37 and assembled some of the 2014 review show.


    This year, I've worked on the gamekeeper and gun dogs stories in Episode 1, the baby deaths and riding centre films in Episode 2, the greyhound story in Episode 5, and the dairy farming story in Episode 10.


    Watch all 2015 episodes or 2014 episodes.

    C4 4OD Taxi Gags Comedy Unit

    Taxi Gags

    Editor - Comedy Shorts

    Comedy Unit for Channel 4

    "Stand-up comedy in a cab! It's the funniest journey you'll ever take, as comics share their jokes, stories, rants and confessions."


    12 x 4-5 min. shorts


    Watch Men v Women or Sexy Time on YouTube or watch all at 4OD

    Edinburgh 48 Hour Film Project

    Happy Endings

    Director, Editor - Comedy Short, 5m

    Global Success & Fortune

    Team Global Success & Fortune's entry to the 2014 Edinburgh 48 Hour Film Project
    Our third year taking part, and my first year directing.


    The 'required elements' this year were:

    Character - James / Jamesina Main, psychotherapist

    Prop - a tape measure
    Line of dialogue - "It was in the paper this morning."


    Watch on YouTube  |  Vimeo

    Glasgow 2014 venue films

    Commonwealth Games Venues

    Edit Director - Documentary Promos, 12 x 1-2m

    Metro Ecosse for Glasgow 2014

    Series of short promotional films showing each of the venues for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games


    Emirates Arena and Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome

    SECC Precinct

    Killer Kilts promo film

    Killer Kilts

    Co-Director, Editor - Promo, 6m

    Killer Kilts

    A promotional film commissioned for contemporary kilt company Killer Kilts.
    Co-directed with the extraordinarily talented Robert Brady, who also shot it.


    Watch on YouTube  |   Vimeo

    Public Speaking Competition film

    Glasgow Schools Public Speaking Competition

    Editor & Edit Director - Documentary Promo, 5m

    Metro Ecosse for Crown Office

    An insight into the public speaking competition run by COPFS for schoolchildren across Scotland focussing on discrimination and equality


    Watch on Vimeo

    6 Nations films

    The Team Behind the Team

    Edit Director - Documentary Promos, 5 x 2m30
    Cagoule Productions for RBS 6 Nations

    Five promotional films made for RBS 6 Nations, each one focusing on a different 6 Nations venue. (Seulement cinq parce que le Stade de France était peu coopératif!)


    Aviva Stadium, Dublin

    Millenium Stadium, Cardiff

    Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh

    Stadio Olimpico, Rome

    Twickenham Stadium, London

    Comedy pilot

    Gerry McMaster - Super You!

    Editor - Comedy Short, 8m

    The Comedy Unit

    Teaser for Gerry McLaughlin's character, the "Motivator, Life Coach and Cerebral Positivity Retrainer (CPR) Gerry McMaster. Creator of the 'You to SUPER YOU... in 9 steps' program. Succesualise your Life!"


    Watch on YouTube

    48 Hour Film Project winner

    Coffin Up

    Edit Director - Short Comedy, 4m30

    Dead Square Films

    The winning entry in the 2012 Edinburgh 48 Hour Film Project.
    Conceived, written, shot, scored and edited over 48 hours, from 18 - 20 May 2012.


    Best Film, Audience Award, The Jim Poole Award, Best Actor for Colin Moncrieff, Best Use of Character, Best Use of Prop


    Watch on YouTube  |  Vimeo

    The Red Army short documentary

    The Red Army

    Editor - Short Documentary, 9m

    Teebster for BBC & SDI

    "As a battle rages in the highlands of Scotland, two unlikely allies unite to defeat an invading army."


    Awards: Interfilm Berlin - Best Documentary
    Festivals include: Interfilm Berlin, Edinburgh, Indianapolis, Guanajuato, Galway, Open City Docs, Cellu l'Art, ZagrebDox.


    Watch a trailer on YouTube | Vimeo

    Short documentary

    One Track Mind

    Editor - Short Documentary, 9m

    Imagine Pictures

    Follows Scottish athlete Nicola Hood as she trains to retain her Under 19 Commonwealth steeplechase record.


    Watch on Vimeo

    taste festival films

    Taste Shorts

    Edit Director - Web shorts, various durations

    Nobles Gate for Channel 4 & Taste Festivals

    Many, many short video recipes for the Taste Festivals, as part of C4's food microsite.


    Wild Mushroom Risotto

    Opening Oysters

    Prawn Cocktail

    The Girl Who Makes Miracles

    The Girl Who Makes Miracles

    Editor (re-cut) - Documentary, 46m

    Nobles Gate for Five / Discovery

    Re-cut & polish on this observational story of Audrey Santo, the world’s most famous living stigmatic, who exists in a coma-like state and has apparently cured thousands of pilgrims.


    Watch on YouTube

    Lost shorts Channel 4

    Lost in Lost

    Editor - Promo shorts, 10 x 4m

    Nobles Gate for Channel 4

    Ten shorts made for a Channel 4 Lost marathon.

    Also features the graphics work of Danny Carr.


    Lost the Plot

    Lost in Action

    Lost and Found


    Watch this space for more...

    The Real Amityville Horror

    The Real Amityville Horror

    Editor - Documentary, 52m

    Nobles Gate for Channel 4

    This reconstruction documentary looked at the events surrounding American folklore's strangest murder mystery - investigating what really happened on the night Ronald DeFeo apparently gunned down his entire family - and examining the alleged haunting of the Amityville house for years afterwards.


    Featuring exclusive interviews with George Lutz and many of the original participants in this story.


    Watch on YouTube  |  Vimeo

    get Bizzy animated film

    Get Bizzy

    Producer, Editor, Co-Writer - Animated Short, 6m30

    Cineworks for BBC Scotland & Scottish Screen

    Short animation made by Henry Cruickshank, starring Josie Lawrence and Tim McInnerny.

    Each character represents one of four animation techniques used in the film: hand-drawn, cut-out, claymation and CGI.


    Watch on YouTube  |  Vimeo

    IM short sci-fi film science fiction


    Producer, Co-Writer, Editor - Sci-Fi Drama, 24m

    Heehaw for Scottish Television, Grampian Television, Scottish Screen.

    "Scotland - the near future. Democracy has evolved. Technology has made it possible for citizens to vote in daily referenda. Non-participation is not an option. Who Want to Live Forever, an interactive game show, offers the ultimate prize - a place on IM: Heaven Above Earth. The prize, though, might not be all that it seems..."



    Nominated in the Royal Television Society awards 2005


    Watch on YouTube



    Dumped and Dropped

    Director, Editor - Commercials, 2 x 30s

    Heehaw for City of Edinburgh Council

    City of Edinburgh Council public information films, which played as TV and cinema commercials, and were the basis for a print campaign.


    Watch on Vimeo:



    Bingo documentary Dundee

    SheToon - City of Bingo

    Producer, Editor - Documentary, 24m

    Nobles Gate for Scottish Television, Grampian Television, Scottish Screen

    "Dundee, Scotland is the Bingo capital of Europe. This is a film not just about the culture of Bingo and the people who play it, but about the changing face of a city and the role a little ball game has in so many lives."


    Winner of the Grierson Award for Short Documentary 2003.

    Watch on YouTube or Vimeo

    The Real Linda Lovelace

    The Real Linda Lovelace

    Editor - Documentary, 52m

    Nobles Gate for Channel 4

    Critically acclaimed documentary on the life of the first mainstream porn star Linda Lovelace.


    With exclusive footage of Lovelace, and the last ever interview with the late Chuck Traynor, along with Gloria Steinem, Larry Flynt, and Andrea Dworkin.


    Watch on YouTube

    Alien documentary

    Alien: Evolution

    Editor - Documentary, 64m
    Nobles Gate for Channel 4 / 20th Century Fox

    The history of the Alien films, featuring Ridley Scott, James Cameron, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Sigourney Weaver and John Hurt.


    Features on the Alien: Quadrilogy box-set.


    Watch on YouTube (albeit with massive foreign subtitles!)


    Shawshank: The Redeeming Feature

    Editor - Documentary, 48m
    Nobles Gate for Channel 4 / Castle Rock

    Ventures into America's bible belt to meet the people who turned this into one of the most successful films, and repeatedly voted the greatest film, of all time. With director Frank Darabont and the entire cast.


    Features on all subsequent releases of the Castle Rock DVD.


    Watch this space...

    Slasher movie documentary

    Scream And Scream Again

    Editor - Documentary, 48m
    Nobles Gate for Channel 4

    The origins of the ‘slasher movie’ through the eyes of the filmmakers who created this sub-genre. With Wes Craven, Tobe Hooper and Abel Ferrara.

    Watch on YouTube (low quality)

    Blade Runner documentary

    On The Edge of Blade Runner

    Editor - Documentary, 52m
    Nobles Gate for Channel 4

    BAFTA-shortlisted documentary on the legacy of Ridley Scott’s seminal sci-fi film. With Ridey Scott and all the Heads of Department.


    Received a ‘Special Note of Excellence’ at the Sitges Film Festival.


    Watch on YouTube

    Charlie's Angels documentary

    Three Little Girls

    Editor - Documentary, 24m
    Nobles Gate for Channel 4

    Examines one of TV's all-time classic series, and includes interviews with Charlie and all the Angels.


    Watch on YouTube (albeit missing some bits...)

    French Connection documentary

    Poughkeepsie Shuffle: Tracing The French Connection

    Editor - Documentary, 54m
    Nobles Gate for Channel 4

    Critically acclaimed film examining the biggest heroin haul in US history, as immortalised in the Oscar-winning The French Connection, through the eyes of the two cops involved.


    Received a ‘Special Jury Mention’ at the NY Film Festival and features on the DVD release.


    Watch on YouTube

    Frontline Scotland

    Editor - Current Affairs, 6 x 29m

    BBC Scotland

    Six episodes of BBC Scotland’s flagship investigative current affairs programme, including the award-winning ‘Fields of Filth’ and 'A Time for Penance'


    Watch 'A Time for Penance' on YouTube.

  • Roles


    Editing Teacher

    European Film College, Aug 2015 - present

    The European Film College, located in rural Denmark, is unique in its approach to teaching filmmaking. It is a Danish 'folk high school', offering young people from all over the world an 8½-month intense, hands-on film foundation programme. Students and teachers live on campus, creating a uniquely intense and social environment, revolving around film.

    Freelance editor broadcast corporate

    Freelance Editor / Edit Director

    Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Sep 1997 - present


    Other broadcast work:


    The One Show - inserts for prime time BBC1 show

    Films to See Before You Die - Channel 4 film intros presented by Paul Kaye

    EdFest.tv - short Edinburgh Festival films for EdFest.tv

    Dolce Vito -  story building on Channel 4 factual entertainment series following an Italian restaurateur’s efforts to open a ‘British’ restaurant in Italy.

    The Sex Blog Girls - re-cut on this Channel 4 film looking at 'female sex blogging’, with Abby Lee, author of The Girl with the One Track Mind (Nobles Gate).

    Colin and Justin on the Estate - story building on Channel 5 factual entertainment series, as Colin and Justin attempt to renovate a run-down Glasgow housing estate (IWC for C4).

    The Child Star Jinx - an irreverent look at child stardom for Channel 4, with Debbie Gibson, Todd Bridges, Corey Feldman, Lauren Harries and Jack Wild (Nobles Gate).

    Full Monty intros - for More 4’s screening of The Full Monty (Nobles Gate).

    Hell Underwater, Fire In The Sky - the history of disaster movies, from The Towering Inferno to The Poseidon Adventure (C4).

    The Devil in Disguise - made for C4's launch of US import Point Pleasant (Nobles Gate).

    Artworks: Savage Animator - BBC1 profile of Israeli animator Gili Dolev (Nobles Gate).

    The World According To The Simpsons - a look at the phenomenon of The Simpsons for Channel 4, with the cast and creators of the show (Nobles Gate).

    Artworks: Unmissable Edinburgh - BBC1 arts profile of the Edinburgh Festival.

    The Real: Winona Ryder - looking at Winona Ryder's arrest and subsequent conviction for grand theft and vandalism (Nobles Gate for C4).

    Mel Gibson: God’s Lethal Weapon - exploring the impact of The Passion of the Christ (Nobles Gate for C4).

    Inside The Mind Of Liza Minnelli - the extraordinary life of the troubled Cabaret star (Nobles Gate for C4).

    Get A New Life - series helping families relocate abroad (Brighter Pictures for BBC2).

    Take My Mother In Law - reality format allowing mothers-in-law to take charge of their in-laws' families for a week (Mentorn)

    SNP Party Conference Broadcast - also Producer (Heehaw).

    The Truth About Sex and the City - the realities of the Manhattan women of Sex and the City and the city’s dating scene.

    Sex and the City Uncovered - the origins of the show and how it developed into one of America's top-rated series, with the creators and the entire cast.

    Ex-S: Goth Kids - BBC1 observational documentary introducing the latest teenage tribe.

    The Bottom Line - the story behind hit film The Full Monty, the “small” British film that went on to enormous international success. (C4)

    Kino - BBC4 intros for their world cinema strand - ran for five series.

    Working the Room - Polish on this six-part BBC1 series following the inner workings of Edinburgh comedy club The Stand.

    Extreme Cinema - FilmFour intros, with Mark Kermode.

    Dennis Hopper: Rebel Without a Pause - FilmFour profile of the American actor.

    Mirrorball: Shynola - Channel 4 music video showcase focusing on animation collective Shynola.

    Moviedrome - BBC2 intros presented by Mark Cousins.

    A Great British War Movie - the British war movies of the 40s and 50s, from Went the Day Well? to Ice Cold In Alex.
    Surviving Cannes C4 / FilmFour - 35’ (TX: Jul 99) Observational documentary following four hopefuls journeying to Cannes in search of fame and fortune - a scriptwriter, a journalist, an actress and a director.

    Dream Ticket - prime-time Saturday night LWT travel show.


    Corporate, charity & commercial work:

    Numerous promotional and training videos for clients including:


    Avis Car Hire  |  Asda  |  BAA  |  British Energy  |  BT  |  Cheltenham & Gloucester  |  City of Edinburgh Council  |  Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service  |  Diageo  |  Direct Holidays  |  Edinburgh Festival Fringe  |  Experian  |  ExxonMobil  |  Glasgow 2014  |  HBoS  |  Help the Hospices  |  IBM  |  Lombard  |  Macmillan Cancer Support  |  Morgan Spiced  |  National Museums of Scotland  |  NatWest  |  Nortel  |  Norwich Union  |  Oxfam  |  Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust  |  Railtrack  |  Royal Bank of Scotland  |  Royal Dutch Shell  |  Scottish & Newcastle  |  Scottish & Southern Energy  |  Scottish Equitable  |  Scottish National Party  |  Scottish Water  |  Scottish Widows  |  Standard Life  |  Southwark Council  |  Tamnavulin  |  Taste Festivals  |  Touch Bionics  |  Volunteer Development Scotland.


    Post Production Manager Lost marathon Channel 4

    Post Production Manager

    Nobles Gate, Jul 2005 - Dec 2005

    Post production manager & editor for Nobles Gate, an award-winning Edinburgh & London production company specializing in arts and science.

    Cut Lost in Lost.

    Supervised re-cut of The Girl Who Makes Miracles for C5 / Discovery.

    Cut The Real Amityville Horror, kicking off C4's 2005 Hallowe'en.

    Avatar Post Production

    Managing Director, Creative & Technical

    Avatar Post Production, Feb 2001 - July 2003

    Founded Edinburgh-based post-production facility, with five Avid suites, offline & online, graphics, dubbing, etc.


    A lot of editing. Also online editor / consultant on many award-winning shorts, incl. That Old One, Out Of The Cold, Wise Guys, The Last Noel, and more.

    L!VE TV


    News18, Mar 1997 - Sep 1997

    Editor for Edinburgh branch of Kelvin MacKenzie’s L!VE TV cable channel.
    Cut news and entertainment packages.

    Digital Facilities Edinburgh

    Acting & Assistant Facilities Manager; Editor; Assistant Editor; Tape Op.; Runner

    Digital Facilities, Mar 1996 - Mar 1997

    A very busy year - learnt a lot.


    Odeon Edinburgh

    Usher; Confection, Popcorn & Ticket Seller; Barman; Cashier

    Odeon Cinemas, Jan 1996 - Mar 1996

    Started ushing, quickly moved through the various snack stalls into ticket sales, the coveted bar position, and chief cashier.

    Oman Dive Centre

    Dive Leader

    Oman Dive Centre, Jan 1994 - May 1994

    Leading small numbers of scuba divers on tours of protected dive sites, taking novices on ‘hand-held’ dives and generally mucking in with the running of a PADI ‘5-Star IDC’ centre.

    Radio Sultanate of Oman DJ

    Continuity Announcer, Newsreader, DJ

    Radio Oman, Jan 1993 - Dec 1993

    At the station officially known as ‘Radio Sultanate of Oman, the English FM’, I started as a continuity announcer and soon moved into news reading, weather announcing and presenting.

  • Education

    ARTTS International

    ARTTS International, York,

    1994 - 1995

    Theatre & Television Production Operations

    A forty-week residential course at this independent college founded by John Sichel. It laid the groundwork for the various disciplines of theatre, television, radio and film, with an emphasis on the former two, and was invaluable.


    Performed in a cabaret, several plays, a restoration comedy, a wartime musical, and an Edinburgh Festival Fringe play (1995).

    ABA Muscat Oman

    American-British Academy, Oman,

    1988 - 1992

    International Baccalaureate

    - English, History, Economics, Maths, French, Biology


    9 x GCSEs


    Achieved ‘Ivy League scores’ in my high school SATs
    Discovered a species of ‘Minniza’ pseudoscorpion
    National Schools High Jump Champion 1991 & 1992

    Other Activities: Yearbook Editor, Basketball, Swimming, Athletics

  • Development

    Screenplays produced in development


    Produced and in development

    My first short screenplay, Hey Joe, was produced in 1997.

    I co-wrote IM, which was produced in 2004 and subsequently nominated for a Royal Television Society award.

    The same year, I adapted an Alastair Gray short story into a half-hour screenplay.

    I also did a draft on Get Bizzy, which I produced for BBC Scotland in 2005.

    In 2008, I wrote the experimental narrative short film Stranger on Deadly Street (Abridged) for Liverpool Biennal.

    More recently, I co-wrote and directed a series of short comedy films, loosely titled The Winner.


    I am now developing a small number of feature screenplays.

    Rhian Wright Illustration

    Children's Books

    In development

    Along with my wife Rhian Wright Illustration, with whom I have produced a human baby, I have several children's picture books in development.

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